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There has been too much going on since I last wrote on this page, so I will not go into great detail. During the end of August and beginning of Septmeber I visited Sean and Lora (and Floyd) in Slovenia. The trip was one of the greatest months of my life. Spending time with Sean and Lora was wonderful and my first taste of Europe was amazing. Perhaps someday I'll follow in Sean's footsteps and move over there myself.

Columbia Logo When I returned I almost immediately started school at Columbia College in Chicago. The commute can be a killer, but I love the school. It has good teachers, small classes, and most importantly, great darkrooms.

Jewel LogoI was also in search of a job when I returned from Slovenia and ended up working in the Farmstand of Jewel. It's a fun job, but I miss the feeling of working for small family-owned businesses like Video Bug and Changing Seasons.

I'll tell you more when I see each of you in person (hopefully sooner than later).
Until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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